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We Just Released a Firmware Update For The VideoMic NTG – Download It Here

Did you know that the VideoMic NTG is the world's first digital on-camera microphone? Yep!

This is awesome for a few reasons. Most importantly, it means that we can update the camera's firmware to enhance performances and add new features, just like any of our other digital products (like the RØDECaster Pro, for example). 

We've just released the first update to the already groundbreaking VideoMic NTG. You can download it here

This update enhances a number of aspects of the VideoMic NTG, including optimising its performance when used with a Panasonic Lumix GH-series camera. We have also optimised the auto-power function with a wider range of devices.

We recommend you update your VideoMic NTG today to ensure best performance. Check out the video below for detailed instruction on how to do so:

Also, don't forget to register your microphone on the RØDE website to unlock your extended warranty. This also means you will receive notifications about future firmware releases, so you can keep your microphone up to date with all the latest features and enhancements.