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RØDELink Newsshooter Kit
Digital Wireless System for News Gathering and Reporting
View our RØDELink Newsshooter Kit video playlist
View our RØDELink Newsshooter Kit video playlist
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Introducing the RØDELink Newsshooter Kit

RØDELink Newsshooter Kit Features and Specifications

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  • Series II, 2.4GHz digital transmission
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Up to 100 metres range*
  • OLED display (on receiver)
  • One touch pairing
  • Five level gain control
  • AA battery, NP-F battery or USB powered
  • Locking XLR input and headphone output on transmitter
  • Two year extended warranty when you register your microphone

RØDELink represents the next generation of digital wireless systems. Using a Series II 2.4GHz digital transmission with 128-bit encryption, it is able to constantly monitor and hop between frequencies to maintain the strongest possible signal level at a range of up to 100 metres* (over 100 yards). The RØDELink Newsshooter Kit provides everything you need to start shooting video wirelessly with XLR microphones, including a camera-mounted receiver and an XLR transmitter. The receiver (RX-CAM) features an OLED display with information on level, battery status (receiver and transmitter), mute and channel selection. The unit can be mounted on a standard camera shoe mount, 3/8" thread or belt-clip, and for added versatility the shoe mount can be located in one of two positions. The transmitter (TX-XLR) easily connects to handheld presentation microphones as well as shotgun microphones, with a 3.5mm input and headphone output.

* range estimations based on optimal environment

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RØDELink Newsshooter Kit Specifications
RØDELink Newsshooter Kit Specifications
Transmission type2.4GHz Fixed Frequency Agile System
System dynamic range112dB
Range (distance)Up To 100m
Frequency range35Hz - 22kHz
Maximum output level1v Rms (2.8v P-p)
Max input signal level1v Rms (2.8v P-p)
Max latency4ms
Receiver (RX-CAM)
Power source2 X AA Battery Or MicroUSB
Output connection3.5mm TRS Locking Jack Socket - Dual Mono
Output impedance300Ω
Dimensions111mm X 65mm X 52mm
Transmitter (TX-XLR)
Power source2 X AA Battery, Sony NP-F Battery Or MicroUSB
Input connectionXLR With Locking Collar, 3.5mm TRS Locking Jack Socket
Input impedance1kΩ (XLR), 10kΩ (3.5mm)
Dimensions120mm X 45mm X 45mm
View our RØDELink Newsshooter Kit video playlist
View our RØDELink Newsshooter Kit video playlist
RØDELink Newsshooter Kit Reviews
RØDELink Newsshooter Kit Reviews

The new Rode Newsshooter is a fantastic system. It is literally an all in one wireless device that let's me connect a huge variety of mics. I have successfully used it with lavalier mics, handheld vocal mics, studio mics, and shotgun mics. Voice over sessions was clearly captured and sound effects sounded exciting. During a recent session I was able to place my NTG3 shotgun mic as far as 50 meters away, which is beyond the length of a long 100 foot XLR cable. Moreover, for inside and outside, I did not run into transmission problems during the entire time I used this wireless kit. It's not everyday I get very excited over a product but the Newsshooter is easy to operate and such a joy to use.

Watson Wu
Watson Wu Studios

This is an excellent product from #RØDE. Arguably, better than their wireless lavalier system!

Tube shooter
RØDELink Newsshooter Kit Support
  • Is the USB port an audio input or output?+
    • No, the USB input is designed for power and future firmware updates. It is compatible with any standard 5-volt USB power supply.

  • The metering on my RX-CAM is really low?+
    • The RX-CAM uses dBFS (Full Scale) metering which, generally allows for a lot of head room and most healthy mic level signals will appear at one or two bars.

  • Can I have 2 microphones plugged in?+
    • The TX-XLR can switch between its XLR and TRS inputs. It cannot use both at the same time.

  • Does the TX-XLR supply plug power?+
    • Yes, plug in power is provided only through the TRS input.

  • Does it supply full 48v Phantom Power?+
    • Yes, the TX-XLR provides full 48-volt specification phantom power. Depending on the batteries you’ve chosen, activating phantom power will reduce the time of usable hours.

  • What batteries do you recommend for best performance?+
    • Lithium AA’s or NP-F batteries are the best options for use with your TX-XLR.

      Lithium batteries have been tested to provide 5-9 hours with phantom power activated depending on the batteries quality. While Alkaline batteries are compatible with the TX-XLR, when phantom power is activated testing has shown a battery life of only approximately 2.5 hours.

      NP-F style batteries have been tested to provide 11-16 hours of operation depending on phantom power status and headphone usage.


If you have a question or a support enquiry about the RØDELink Newsshooter Kit head over to our contact page to get in touch or locate your local distributor here