Working remotely presents a number of challenges, but getting great audio on your livestream, Zoom meetings, podcasts or video presentations doesn’t have to be one of them. Check out our tutorials below for advice on how to get great audio in a range of situations while working from home.

Gear Solution Finder

Everybody’s audio needs are different and choosing the right gear can be confusing. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, RØDE will take your sound to the next level. Use this simple solution finder to find out exactly what gear you need to get great sound when working remotely.

Tutorials For Getting Better Sound When Working From Home

Video Calls and Conferences

Poor audio quality makes video conferencing hard work for everybody. Check out this video for some simple solutions to get your Zoom calls and Google Meetings sounding crisp and clear.

Presenting From Home

Filming presentations, tutorials or classes from home? Having great sound is very important for keeping your audience engaged. This tutorial shows how using a RØDE microphone will improve your sound.

Using a Lavalier (Clip-on) Mic

Using a lavalier mic is a great way to get clear audio while working from home. Here we explain how to set one up, how to position your mic, and how to connect it to a range smartphones and cameras.

Capturing a Performance

Need to record a music while working from home? In this tutorial we look at how capture all the nuances of your performance, whether it’s to share on social media, submit an audition or record a music class.

Starting a Podcast

Whether for customer engagement, staff communication or just for fun, podcasting is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. This video shows how easy it is to make a professional-sounding podcast at home.

Understanding Mics with 3.5mm Plugs

Connecting a microphone to your laptop or phone is a great way to improve the quality of audio when working from home. Mics with 3.5mm plugs can be a little tricky to use – here we show you how.

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