Calling all creatives

Every year, RØDE creates a short film for the My RØDE Reel competition. And this year, we want YOU to write our entry for us.

What do you win?

You. Your script. RØDE crew. Down-under.

Simply submit a script, treatment or visual storyboard for a three-minute film. Our judges will select the most interesting and original entry for us to make into the RØDE film. And we'll fly you out to Sydney to film your script and be part of the RØDE production crew – including directing your movie!

Filming will take place in Sydney over three days in February 2018. You will need to be available to travel to Sydney during that period.

How To Enter

Three ways to enter

A script is the written-out dialogue for the film, plus directions for actors, settings, props etc.
A treatment is a description of the film, encompassing the storyline, characters and settings. It does not have to include actual dialogue, although it can include key lines.
A visual storyboard is a graphical representation of a film, usually representing a near shot-by-shot outline of the film. It can look something like a cartoon or graphic novel. It may include some words or text, but does not have to.

Winner will be announced midday 31st January.

All dates and times are AEDT.


Some housekeeping rules

Entries must be submitted in English.
Not much English? Find out more
Be creative - but practical! We're good, but don't have Hollywood budgets...
Your entry should be maximum 4 pages and submitted in PDF or .DOC format
Any further questions? See our FAQs or contact us