Warak Production

Rode Reel 2019 No Escape Short Film

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The short film has been filmed with Canon 200d Camera. The lenses that which have been used in the film are Canon 18-55mm, Canon 50mm, and Canon 24mm. Because of the strong sun, we have used a budget ND Filter for the lenses from K&F. As a stabilizer, we used the Neewer carbon fiber hand stabilizer. The DJI Mavic Air has been used as a stabilizer in some videos and as a Drone in some other videos with a budget ND Filter on the lenses. We used also a budget light in some situations. As a microphone, we used the Rode Video micro-compact with the extension capel from Rode. Two Tripods have been used in the film the Amazon Basics Tripod and The Joby Tripod.
The Film was filmed in Germany, Bonn in a dark forest. Some Footage has been taken in front of our house in front of Bikes house.
The film was edited on Premiere Pro CC.
Two brothers wrote the script and filmed the entire film and edited it. Yasser and Amer the two brothers who also took the roles of brothers in the film. It was the first time for us to make a short film and we are so glad that we finished it because it was much more difficult than we imagined but we had a great time doing it. As we began we did not know how to start and what we should do but we learned a lot from the process. We thank Rode for giving us this opportunity.

RØDE Gear Used: