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Sh_t My Rode Reel

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We used Rode VMGO video mic GO, Canon 750d and Nikon 5300 for our production along with a tripod and some external lighting, FL Studio for sound design and Premier Pro/Final cut Pro for editing. The location was constant throughout the shoot. A small dark room was chosen and a smoke effect was created using burning cigarettes to give a feeling of confinement and suffocation.
A variety of camera techniques were used which include OTS i.e over the shoulder shots for conversations and crucial sequences, track in shots to focus on our subjects and montage to signify passage of time. The footage is intentionally kept shaky to signify the tension of the main character and his emotional state. The entire film is mute without a single dialogue. We wanted to escalate the story and unfold every scenario through music as it conveys what cannot be said but is impossible to remain silent upon.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO