Jasper Enujuba

Neolithic Hands

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We travelled to Essex, in the south of England to make this 3 minute documentary short, specifically for the 2019 My Rode Reel Entry. The location was in the Wilderness woods of East Sussex, a location where Ruby Taylor, the subject of this documentary film goes to create her craft and seek solitude.

We used the Rode NTG4+ and the Rode Blimp to capture the location ambience, as well as the interview and narration of a segment of Ruby Taylor's poetry, all which were used in the making of this film.

For this shoot, we were able to get video equipment to shoot, courtesy, of Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridgeshire. We used the Blackmagic pocket 4k and Ursa 4.6k, which were graded to match in post production.

RØDE Gear Used: