Barefoot Short Films Team

(2019) The Canvas - My RØDE Reel Competition 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The short was shot in London at the "Globalstreetart" HQ. The company was incredibly helpful in allowing us to shoot in their offices for one day. Because of the lack of funds and time, our (initially) 3-man team decided to just conceive and shoot the short on the day (3 days before the deadline). The DoP used a Sony FS-7 for principal photography and a Sony a7s for time-lapses that we didn't end up using. Lacking a sound technician on the day, we also had to improvise to record sound and decided to go for the Rode NTG4+ by very conveniently taping it to the Sony FS-7. The next day we found a sound designer to join us for the project and an editor for the BTS video to submit everything in time to meet the deadline.

RØDE Gear Used: