Sunveek Gobin


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Upon writing the script, the concept was to show eye's gestures to different situation. Two of the major set, was the location and the action vehicle. As I already own a van, I changed the story from a carjacking to a van. Luckily, upon scouting another location nearby, a friend showed me this location, which was less visited. Apart from the RODE videomic, I also own some other camera and grip gears, which i normally use to shoot short clips. The difficult part, on set, was to shoot the close-up. Even though I was using natural lights, there were loads of cloud that day and it did affect each shot. My first edit, was about 5 minutes long, where I wanted to keep loads of silent moments, to show the suspense. My second edit, came up to 3min40sec. Then I had to make some decisions of trimming some dialogues.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO