Zachary Miano

FILMMAKING: MY PASSION | My Rode Reel 2019 -- Young Filmmaker

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

In this video, I used several different pieces of filmmaking equipment: the Panasonic Lumix FZ82, the Rode SmartLav+, a Vanguard ESPOD CX Tripod, a Fylcam Redking Stabilizer, an Olympus LS12 Digital Audio Recorder. For my editing software, I used Final Cut Pro X with a Palette Gear Expert interface.

In the short film, most of the footage used was from past films I have made at home, at school, and in my city. The voiceover was specifically created for this project as were some shots of myself speaking directly to the camera.

This video was a chance for me to try new techniques in editing and filming. For example, I experimented with an editing technique that consists of synchronizing my voice with the text that appears on the screen. Another technique new to me in this short film was the use of stop-motion animation with paper cut-outs. It is a technique I have seen used creatively by YouTubers such as Dan Mace and Casey Neistat. It is a very effective method of telling a story using paper cut-outs being manipulated by the creator as needed.

RØDE Gear Used: