Sarah Diamond

MY Rode Reel 2019 - lll.XlV

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We actually filmed in two locations, filmed this story twice and then blended both together for the end result. We used a Canon 5Dmark 2 Camera with one 25 -105 mm lens.
One of the places we filmed in was a tunnel underpass as it offered not only the very cool creepy lighting already, but gave my actor another environment in which to react too.
The ending was filmed with external lights and the environment itself. One light was at the bottom and the other was directly facing the actor. We timed it together as I made my camera's view darker while my crew bumped up the 2 lights at 3 stage intervals. The Rode mic was used for Gasping, Run! and the Voice Over you hear in the main story. It appears at least 3 times in the BTS.

RØDE Gear Used: