Thomas Price

My RØDE Reel 2019 - Caretaker

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Originally the idea was a much larger one, but due to the responsibilities of being a husband and dad, it was too big and I'd almost decided I wasn't going to enter this year. Knowing I'd regret it, my wife said something along the lines of "Hey, rather than wishing you'd made something, make something instead of nothing at all". We had a couple of hours that day, and I adapted the idea to use what we had in front of us, which was our kids and our place, and after weeks of 2am nights on the computer "Caretaker" is the result of that!

Filmed using my 6 year old fs700, original 7Q and the Rode NTG4+.
I allowed myself one day in making each 3D model, and decided early on that I didn't have the time to texture them. The pallet of the robots in this world was going to be various shades of grey. I had to painstakingly hand keyframe every shot, and the entire project was composited and edited together in Premiere, even recording some of the Robot noises directly onto the timeline with the NT1.

I really hope you enjoy it! I learned a lot throughout and for now, I need to sleep. Haha...

RØDE Gear Used: