Joe Brayan Films


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Products - We used the Rode NTG3 paired with the Rycote NTG BLIMP, E-Image Boom Pole and Zoom F4 Field Recorder to capture outside scenes, dialogue, foley, and Other Creative sounds. We also used the NT55 with just the Rycote mount and Zoom F4 Field Recorder to capture indoor dialogue and sound as well. The camera we used is a Lumix GH5 paired with the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 Nikon lens with Viltrox MFT to Nikon Adapter. All video recorder was done with the Atomos Ninja V for DNXHR 4K Cinema recording.

Location - We have a friend who owns a warehouse that this film took place in our hometown Greeley Colorado so it was easy for use to get permission to shoot in that area.

Technique - Since we were on a $200 budget I had a friend who was going to help me do cinematography while I did video but at the end he had to go and I had to switch out cast members to help me do video and audio work. During this time I learned a few techniques to keep everything in order was to shoot out of order in two days. As for foley I got creative and used my own equipment and household objects to record the sound which turned out pretty well. I used the closet to "soundproof" the room and then started playing around with sound only using what I had. The gun sound effect was the only thing that I couldn't recreate.


RØDE Gear Used: