Dan Palan

5280 Feet

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

This was filmed throughout the Gowanus in Brooklyn. This neighborhood was chosen for it's gritty aesthetic.

Cameras ranged from the Sony FS7 for handheld and locked off shots, while the sony a7s was used on a gimbal for some of the running sequences. The sony rx100 IV, with underwater housing, was used in the pool.

Zeiss CP2's were used exclusively - 28mm for wides, 50mm for handheld and 85mm for locked off shots.

For audio, the Rode ntg2 was used for the interview setup and Foley. The Rode Video Mic Pro was used on the gimbal and for scratch. For any Foley not captured, I used Soundly.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro