Raheem Qaiser/

C'est la vie || My RØDE Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

This is the behind the scenes of the video C'est le vie, a movie by Raheem Qaiser.
We have made use of the Rode video Micro and Huawei P9 to record this video.
Video making is a very progressive work which is very fun to do. It is a work that can't be done without the help of other people as a team. The location used is the flourishing grounds of Jamia Hamdard university in New Delhi, India.
I have made the video slow paced to portray emotions of a common man and beautiful scenic videos to portray what was scripted. Friends were what came very much in help. Video making is very tough if done alone. Thanks to my friends as i don't have a team, i was able to make such a good video

RØDE Gear Used: