Andrew David Robson

BLANK (2019) - MY RODE REEL 2019.

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

I decided to challenge myself by creating a no-budget film, with high production values.

To achieve this I chose locations which were local and looked cinematic. In keeping with the story of the film, I aimed to keep the cinematography high in contrast and I used a colour grade which romanticises the colours captured.

As I was self-shooting, It was great using the Rode video mic pro + as it offered great sound quality that went straight to the camera. This was great as no syncing was necessary in Post-Production.

The film was shot and edited over 5 days and so it was a very quick turn
around but i'm pleased how the final video turned out, with the help of some kind, creative friends!

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro+