Mathieu Jonckheere


Watch the Behind The Scenes:

We shoot the short film with a Sony a7s combined with a Sony 24-70mm lens.We mostly filmed shots on classic tripod with the exception of fights shots which required more movements and impact.For that reason we used a shoulder rig.

We shot the short film the 17th and 18th of August ,we had to shot in an efficient way as the time decided to not play in our favour.

We filmed the apartment scene in a friend’s studio .The scene in the sas was shot in a construction workers cabin.

For the cabin scene we only used neons that were already in the room.

We shot the apartment scene by daylight but windows were hidden with cloaks. We used one single led light from Aputure to lighten the subjects.

We recorded sound with a Ntg4+ combined with its boom pole by Rode and a Zoom H5 recorder.

We also asked a makeup artist for help. We needed the « beating up » scene to be more credible and intense.

Lastly we were working the edit for two intensive days. We shared the work (edit, sound design, Ost,..) between ourselves.

RØDE Gear Used: