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Waiting - My RØDE Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

So it was very tough at first. But then it got easier. And easier. Why I love this competition so much, is that you can express your feelings for filmmaking. Now I'm not a good director... But what we made (somehow) is actually alright. For the location, I just used my house XD. For the cast, I used one of my good friends and my mom. For gear, I used the RØDE Videomic, Canon T5i, normal cheap Amazon lights, and the video was edited on the new, MAGIX Vegas Pro 17. I wrote. shot, edited, directed, and basically did everything.. besides acting. For the beginning scene of the film, I masked in the actor's hand in post-production, color graded everything and made sure that the audio and sound effects were perfect.

RØDE Gear Used: