Blank Canvas Pictures

Falling 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

Falling is the creation of young female filmmaker Rio Notra Segal. The film was an interesting experience to make we had a total of three locations, a bike park, an abandoned house and a garage. We filmed using a Canon 80d, a Rode VideoMic and more. The film experienced interesting moments the most difficult being that of creating a fire for the characters to engage with, in the film. We used a box (made of a thick wood) to have it as contained as possible considering we were filming on a one-way residential street. We set out to create something relatable, for audiences to engage with by making use of different elements such as music, and symbolism with the butterflies.
As a crew, we expanded on our knowledge of filming to create something we are proud of. We believe we did the source material justice.

RØDE Gear Used: