Eva Acharya

Dirty Rabbit - MyRODEReel2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

'Dirty Rabbit' came about from 3 things:
1) A friend offering to get us one of three locations for free. Said friend also did our camera work! (Wunderbar, Jake!)

2) A prompt was used to pick the genre: the prompt was two men wake up tied, facing each other in a warehouse. And what nefarious things can happen in a warehouse you say? Kidnapping of course.

3) And she researched funny/odd kidnapping stories, and one quirky one inspired this little devil.

Between concept to shoot, we wasted no time, and the film was shot within two weeks of having been toyed with. This BTS offers you glimpses to 'Dirty Rabbit' shoot, location, how the set was set up, and some of the gear we used. Some of the clips in BTS on a smartphone.

We shot the whole thing in one day, in Portland, NSW with a cast-crew of 5.
When we shot the film, due to the whiteness of the suit, and the dirty grit of the set, we shot the film with POV first, followed by OS (over the shoulders) shots, and then went into out master/wide, followed by close up and angle shots.

The RODE gear we used for the film was a RODE Videomic for majority of all sound captured on set.

It was one of the most enjoyable day for the team and we got a lot of laughter out of us. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse as much as we enjoyed being there.

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro