Jaime Lopes

My RODE Reel | byJaimeLopes: Melissa on homeschool

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

I’ve been shooting a video for the My R0DE REEL 2019 and this is some behind the scenes for the video.
I shot with 2 cameras, but the 2nd angle was rubbish so I didn't use it.
Main Camera is the Canon M50 and all b-roll is shot with the Canon M50, but of-course this behind the scenes video is shot on an iPhone SE

Please check out the final video here: https://youtu.be/uqiWND5Bl5c

Shot and edited byJaimeLopes.

Main Camera: Canon M50 with the stock lens;
Light: CosmoLight - CosmoBeam RC80 (basically a Red-head)
Mic: R0DE SmartLav (SC6);
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro
Post Production: Pro Tools with iZotope plugins (RX & Ozone)

RØDE Gear Used: