Niels Nielsen, Forloren Espresso

Cascara Soda at Forloren Espresso | My RØDE Reel 2019

Watch the Behind The Scenes:

The video is shot entirely using an iPhone 5S and iPhone 8 in Forloren Espresso - a coffee shop in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It is shot in a very noisy room where the refrigerators can't be turned off during filming, and boilers are constantly making noise to keep water at optimal coffee brewing temperature. I therefore decided on a close placement microphone strategy and used the small RØDE SmartLav+ which was ideal for this purpose. I clipped it to a flexible rubberised "Gear Tie" strip from Nite Ize to absorb vibrations from the table. The voice over is done in the same room with a Røde M1 dynamic microphone - it is held close to the mouth to get as little room noise on the recording and I used an iRIG Pre HD xlr interface.

RØDE Gear Used: