My Rode Reel The Mangum Project Documentary - Short

Dennis "Tristan Greye" Chisholm / AloneInACrowd / Dream Team Productions
Genre: documentary

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro

More Information:

Dennis "Tristan Greye" Chisholm / AloneInACrowd / Dream Team Productions

Ted L Mangum


Dennis "Tristan Greye" Chisholm



Production Crew

This was a low budget project shot with use of equipment that was loaned or already previously owned by Dennis “Tristan Greye” Chisholm and Ted L Mangum. Everyone had high hopes that this project would help share the story of Ted Mangum and seed funding to produce film about his life. It was thought that the exposure would fuel initiative to revive the AmericasChild Relay enrichment program and bring awareness present new ways to deal with mental illness especially the Veteran PTSD epidemic. While in post production, most of the project was loss due to a hard drive failure. Almost 5 TB and 8 months of invaluable data was lost. I entered MY RODE REEL competition because I have always been a fan of the creative bond that gravitates to the competition and high hopes that by winning this project would get exposure and help with galvanizing support to finish a full length film.