Peace and Quiet - My Rode Reel 2018 - Best with headphones

Steve Carnell - Insert Melody Here

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All sound guy Jarrod wants, is a world less cluttered with man made sounds. But when he finally finds a quiet space he encounters a friend...of sorts and soon realises that the noise pollution he hated has become a refuge.

Steve Carnell - Insert Melody Here

Zai Carnell

Additional Camera

Steve Carnell

Director Camera
Sound Design

Sherryn Carnell

BTS Camera

Grayson Carnell

Kid screaming on Bike passing

Shot on a Galaxy S5 with a Zhi Yun Gimble. Shot on location in Viewbank and the Grampians. All sound added in post. Rode NTG3 used for most of the recording along with an NT1a