Shengfeng Chien
Genre: drama horror

RØDE Gear Used:


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A teenage girl is frightened to hear unfamiliar footsteps echoing in the dark shadows of her own home. Night is about how easily the thin line between fantasy and reality can be blurred, and how our fears can belong to either world.

Shengfeng Chien

Shengfeng Chien

Director of Photography

Chloe Retika


Joanna Li


Alex Xu

Behind The Scene

With a team of 4 people and extra help from other great friends, this short film was able to be created even with limited resources. A Canon SL1 with the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM was used to film, and the Rode VideoMicro was used to record audio and sound effects. A steadicam assisted in stabilizing some parts of the film. The film was set at a modern home during the night. Curtains and artificial lights were used to control the amount of light on set. Small depth of field was a technique used to guide the viewer's attention to the main subject on screen.