One Shot, One Kill | My RØDE Reel

Orca Endeavours
Genre: drama music

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

A short one-shot film featuring the murder of a young women.

Orca Endeavours

Jannik Hurst

Camera Operator

Vincent Weis


Leonhard Zirus

Creative Crew

Konrad Zinner

Sound Design

Leon Wassmann

Camera Assistent
Creative Crew

We filmed for two entire days and at some Points we had about 20 amazing people at work helping us.
We shot our Movie in and around the Restaurant "Lupo" in the tennis club "TC GW Luitpoldpark" in Munich, Germany.

For filming we had the Sony alpha 7sII on the Moza Gimbal. On top of that we attached the Tilta Nucleus-M wireless follow focussing system.
For sound recording on set, we used the Røde NTG2 inside the Røde Blimp connected to the Zoom H4nPro for recording. For better sound we recorded some of the more obvious sounds again later with the Røde NT3 microphone.

We filmed our Movie one-shot, which means that the camera work was really important. The camera operator had to know every single move that was made by the actors and had to capture the right moments as well as to carry around the heavy equipment for every shot over and over again.
Also the Focus was a big challenge as the camera man couldn't take care of that too. So we had one crew member and his assistant who had to run behind the camera und pull the focus remotely.

In the post production we didn't only record new sounds, but Konrad also composed a new piece just for this film. This turned out to be the Tango that you can hear in the background of the movie.