Green World

Platonik Film
Genre: scifi drama

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

An out of control AI decides to make the earth greener. Its plan is simple. It is going to upload consciousness of 99 percent of human population into servers and transfer them to NASA’s exploratory rocket, which will never come back to earth. So humanity and earth will have a second chance.

Platonik Film

Cenk Özakıncı


Ömürden Özakıncı


Lemi Filozof


Batuhan Fırat


Murat Utku Zırh

Camera assistant

Andrew Boord

Voice over

Arzu Kozan

Production Designer

Volkan Duran

VFX executive producer

Sema Şahin

VFX executive producer

Kıvanç Aykan

VFX supervisor

Kerem Hünal

2D Animator

Green World has been shot in Turkey / Bodrum with Panasonic Lumix GH5 and Gopro Hero 5 . No light or camera gear has been used. BTS has been shot with smartphones at İstanbul and Bodrum / Turkey.