ShowerUp and Nashville Street Barbers Rode Contest

Genre: documentary

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro+
VideoMic Me
VideoMic Pro
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

More Information:

This film is about two amazing groups of people that come together every Monday night to provide essential services to some of Nashville's neighbors most in need. ShowerUp provides showers to the homeless with their shower truck and trailer. The Nashville Street Barbers provide haircuts and shaves to some of the homeless. Between the services provided people have been able to get a shower and haircut, and then apply for a job the next day. This is the power of the individual taking action.


John McCaskey


I used three cameras to shoot this interview, all were equipped with Rode Mics. I forgot to turn on the transmitter to the wireless microphone, so I ended up with a significant amount of road noise in the video and some of the power of what Paul had to say was lost. I shot this on the streets of Nashville near the War Memorial while ShowerUp and the Nashville Street Barbers were providing services to our neighbors most in need.

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