Bangka : Days After The Sun Stopped Shining

Hisstory Films
Genre: horror drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:

Boompole Pro
VideoMic Pro
RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

More Information:

One night in 1965, Matari was taken away by his neighbors by force. He never came back, leaving Mastika to live an endless nightmare.

Hisstory Films

Syahidan Z


Destian Rendra


Eni W


Sarah Qodriyani


Denny Pradana

Location Manager

Ryansah Oktorolu

Talent Manager

Premy Bima

Director of Photography

Vicky Martin

Camera Operator

Rifky Bima


Berlian Yulia

Make Up Artist

Wildan Aji

Art Department

Rizal Wahyu

Music Composer

Bhagus Subadie

Sound Recordist

Sharah Soka


Raka Defantara


Yahya Pratama


Lendy Wahyono

Graphic Designer

Bangka sets in the 60's therefore we chose a house in the middle of a forest as the filming location. The "Matari's head" scene was the first time we'd tried green screen. We took three different shots; one regular shot with Matari and his head intact, a shot where Matari wore green screen, and one without Matari. Wondering how the blood was made? It was condensed milk with red, blue, and brown food coloring. Bangka was filmed on a Sony A7s with 35mm & 24mm Rokinon lens for the master shots and 58mm Helios lens for the detailed shots. The sound and the dialogues were recorded with a set of Rode; Rode NTG4+, Rode Blimp & Rode Shockmount, Rodelink, Rode Boompool Pro, Rode Cable, and Rode Mic Pro.