Love Now

Levi Mberego

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO

More Information:

A young lady named Anne decides to cook food for a homeless person she had seen at a shopping mall for weeks. Using two languages (Shona and Turkish) and an original score, we learn a lesson about love and what love for others should be.

Levi Mberego

Levi Mberego

Camera Operator

Stephanie Mberego

Creative Crew

This film was shot with a Samsung S5 Active and for Audio I used a Rode VideoMic Go attached to my Nikon D3200.

Being new in the US, I did not have many resources and especially the actors. This is why my script was mainly my wife and students from the university at which she works.

It was my first time working with 4K files and experiencing how heavy they can be on the computer.

Software used was Celtix, Audacity, Hitfilm, Format Factory and Garageband.

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