Tony Tobias /// Kinesis RodeReel 2018


RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO

More Information:

I am Tony Tobias, and I explore the world, the movement, the kinesis.
What you will see, is the world, seen through a filter, behind a magic crystal.
ready to work worldwide, in content creation, filming, short films, shows, workshops, creative projects. Let's create a connection.
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Tony Tobias


I do not have material behind the scenes,
I am a person who travels alone.
I concentrate a lot on capturing what I'm seeing
the place, the people, then.
Even though there is no camera behind, I hope that.
the videos will capture that detail
what's happening, where am I, what feelings,
which is what the person wants to transmit

if there was material from what was recorded
when this happened, it would be a very good video
a behind the scenes
the adventures, I ... the other people, inter acting
meeting new amazing people that made
circus, parkour, amazing landscapes
everything you can see in the final video

What I can teach is the equipment that I use.
as I move, two backpacks.
they are heavy, the equipment is heavy, the camera,
the drone, lenses, microphone, everything adds up.

the computer to edit.

but it's worth the experience, to be able to capture it and share it.
available to work anywhere in the world
just contact me