SILENTLY LOUD | My Rode Reel 2018

16 Minutes
Genre: action comedy

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Me

More Information:

A man on the run is being hunted down in a decrepit warehouse after double crossing his gang. The ending is not what everyone expected.

16 Minutes

Genalyn Medina


Ryan Orduña


Princess Pepper


Don Carpio


Timo Sarmiento


Nico Orduña


Gerald Medina

Location Manager

Ofel Medina

Craft Services

Nico Killjoy


Sebastian Bach

Director of Photography

Eddie Layno

Production Assistant

This is the second time we'll be joining. The first felt great and was
an exercise in ideas of sorts. This time around, it's special though.

We were really looking forward to the competition and came a bit more prepared
in terms of story and logistics. Spent a month brainstorming ideas and characters.
Did an out of town two day shoot with two different locations.

We found this warehouse that the owner was kind enough to let us use and
play around with. It added texture and in some ways was also a character
in the story.

We used the ever dependable Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i with a Flaat profile to maximize the dynamic range of the camera. The 18-55mm and 50mm lenses were enough to tell our story.

We also used a Rode VideoMic Me for audio. A very portable and flexible piece of equipment. It was perfect for us as we filmed on the fly and on the go. And in the true spirit of independent film making, we DIY-ed a boom mic with the Rode. Attesting to the flexibility and adaptability of the product. It was great. It was fun.