SRANJE (Poop) - short film

Genre: action comedy
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:

RØDELink Filmmaker Kit

More Information:

A cop and a robber. Separated only by a toilet cabin wall. Just a small step is needed to finish the job, but is the cop willing to do it and step out of his comfort zone?


David Lah


Jovan Batas


Petra Rebernik

Director of Photography

Marija Keserović

1st AD

Aleks Vuga

Assistant camera

Bor Kiswarday


Lea Bole

Make up artist

Matej Kokalj

Sound Designer

Matic Veber

Boom Operator
Music composer

Jan Kotlovšek

Behind the scenes

Matic Maček

Cop 1

Dominik Vodopivec

Bank robber

Luka Slavic

Cop 2

Sara Horžen

Cleaning lady

Dolores Kirhmajer


After finished the script, it was a surprise how tough would be finding the right location (public toilet - big enough) in our area and all the props that we needed. Finishing all the preparations work, the fun part have just begun. Having only two hours to figure out and shoot the whole fight scene was a challenge. Especially because the script included some very specific actions performed by the characters. Since we knew the 1st day of shooting was the toughest, everything else afterwards seemed like a finishing line in front of our noses. Luckily enough, we had only one location to shoot at, so the logistics were not a concern.
Most of the film was shot handheld, using Sony A7sii and vintage lenses (Helios 44-2, Mir 20M...) along with some Canon glass. Sound was captured with Rode NTG2 on a Tascam recorder.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: