Andrew Hingston
Genre: scifi horror

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MEDEA is a short film that takes place in the future, where Earth is trying to cure a deadly virus. MEDEA, a star system cruiser, is sent to investigate and clean up a suspected outbreak on a remote orbital research station which has killed everyone on board. At least, that's what they've been told..

Andrew Hingston

Andrew Hingston

Visual Effects

The short film is largely shot using VFX, even the live action footage is composited against VFX shots. I used Blender to design the 3D models, then textured them in substance painter. The animation/rendering was done using Unreal Engine. I used my Rode-NT USB mic for some of the SFX, most notably for the drone in the film.

The film is loosely inspired by people such as James Cameron using remotely operated vehicles to explore areas where its unsafe or impossible for humans to go. I wondered how could you explore a space station, and figured a drone would work just fine even in zero gravity.

If you have any questions please just comment on the videos on youtube and I will respond.

Thanks for watching.

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