MyRodeReel - No Past Lives

Jamie Meyer-Williams
Genre: music drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO
VideoMic Pro+

More Information:

Harmless things we do as boys can quickly spiral out of control and evolve into something worse if left unchecked through our youth.
There's a dark side in all of us

Jamie Meyer-Williams

Chris Anderson


Fiddles Fielder

Scout #2

Hugh Anderson

Scout #3

Kevin Hew

Rival Scout

Jamie MW

Scout Leader

We used and had 3 different Rode mics, the main Mic being used was the Rode Videomicpro + or (r) attached to our black magic pocket rig. We also had a Rode Videomic GO lightweight camera attachment for when we had to do running shots.

Shot in Sydney Australia

Watch the Behind The Scenes: