Sounds of the City - 30 Second Advert for My Rode Reel 2018

Kosmos Pictures
Genre: TVC

RØDE Gear Used:

Micro Boompole
VideoMic Pro

More Information:

Sound Of The City tells the story of a young girl using her Rode mic to collect the sounds of the outside world for her elderly grandpa. While darting down hectic streets in Brixton Market and strolling the serene Brockwell Park, she's able to paint a world of sound that gives her grandpa another chance to go out with her in the wider world.

Kosmos Pictures

James Haslam

Director of Photography

Yassin Soudan

Camera Operator

Ben Duncan


The shoot took place on a beautiful day in mid-June in and around the Brixton area. We spent most of our time recording audio using the NTG2 shotgun microphone on a Rode micro-boom pole into a Zoom H5. For the image, we were shooting on a Canon 6D with a 24-105mm lens.

The idea was to create a fast-paced run-and-gun style picture to reflect the energy of Brixton and her adventure in sound. We tried to preserve this feel in the quick-cut style of our edit while contrasting this with the stillness of the grandfather's home.

Behind The Scenes was shot on an iPhone by the producer.