my Rode Reel- Recycling Man

Oliver Topp
Genre: horror scifi

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro+

More Information:

A young man finds himself in a rather unexpected situation whilst taking out the recycling.

Oliver Topp

Oliver Topp


Oliver Akayan


Hugo Morgan


Caleb Messina

Boom Operator

Harry Cohen


Martin Topp


Leo Topp


The film "Recycling Man" was mostly shot over the course of several days with the majority of the effects (or as many as possible) captured in camera. People, ropes, string and sticks were then digitally painted out using After Effects in order to make the creature look as if it were moving on its own.

To further sell the effect that the creature was really alive, foley SFX were recorded of rustling newspapers, shoes scraping on pavement ect. which were then layered up in the final edit.

An original soundtrack was also written and recorded for the film utilising RODE equipment, this soundtrack added a lot to the overall atmosphere and tone of the film.

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