Seasons: The Series

The Series
Genre: drama documentary
Mature Content

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The Series

Emily Ramirez


Camille Nefulda

Assistant Director

For this production, I recorded all of my vocal audio in post after filming. I knew that I wanted to narrate my own film and I used a Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone to help to do this. I wanted to use a great friendly recording environment to capture my voice without any wind or dead air sound. Therefore, I went downtown to a local studio I am a member of and used the booth to record my voice. In order to do this successfully, I attached the rode shut gun mic to my camera, (Canon T5i) and used the audio that was captured from the camera through the mic. I also had my head phones plugged in so that I could listen to the song that I used in this film. This was to help me match my tone and pace of spoken word in the film for narration.

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