Through This Letter - My Rode Reel 2018

Giuliana Bonturi Cantalice
Genre: drama horror

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic Pro

More Information:

Roberta, a 32 year old woman, writes a letter to Antônio, who she believes to be the love of her life. She expresses her desire to be with him, no matter what. As she writes, a picture of Antônio shows up on the TV and the reporter says he's been accused of several murders. Roberta smiles and finishes her love letter.

Giuliana Bonturi Cantalice

Giuliana Bonturi Cantalice

Writer and Director

Klemerson Cantalice


Ramon Gonçalves

Director of Photography

Alice Gondar

Costume Designer

Luís Fernando Mendonça

Editor and Colourist

Misael Mululo

Visual Effects

Paulo Muniz

Recording Engineer

Roberta Chaves


Klemerson Cantalice


Tomás Mesquita


Since the movie is only 3 minutes long, I decided to challenge myself and my team, so we did one long shot. Because of this, we had to reherse a lot of times. Everything needed to be on time: the actress, the TV, the text message and the photographer. After a few tries, everything went well. I wanted the camera to go around Roberta, so this location worked really well, because we had a lot of space and freedom. We moved the furniture where we wanted to and we put the TV that wasn't in the room before. The stabilizer didn't work out because the photographer had to readjust the focus many times - he gets close to her hands at one point and then really far from her at another - so he preferred to use his hands to be able to shift focus freely without having to worry about the stabilizer.

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