Shuffle Play - My Røde Reel 2018 - Arsham Moti

Arsham MG

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO

More Information:

The premise behind Shuffle Play is to represent the autonomy of modern life; that everyday we have the option to “Shuffle” it up and try something new, however, we always choose to repeat.

Arsham MG

Arsham Moti

Director of Photography
Sound Recordist

Durim Isufaj


Alexander Gharres

Drone Operator

One man filming crew, with a drone operator and one actor. All shot in one location in one day with the use of the following equipment:
Nikon D3300 (18-55mm Nikon Lens)
Canon EOS 100D (18-155 Canon Lens)
iPhone 7 Plus (BTS Only)
Røde Videomic Go
Røde M3
Zoom h4n
Portable lights (Unbranded)
Steadicam (Unbranded)