The Coworker - My Rode Reel 2018

Anthony Le

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO

More Information:

The film follows two young landscapers as they work in the Las Vegas desert heat. After a brief confrontation, the group begins to traverse an odd supernatural experience.

Anthony Le

Anthony T Le


Deja Walston

Director of Photography
Camera Operator

Kartier La Rue


Maria Tovar


We shot on a Canon EOS Rebel T6i with an 18-55 mm lens and Rode VideoMic Go attached on top. The location was originally planned to be at a friends house in their backyard but plans fell through so we had to improvise in my own neighborhood and garage. Along with locations plans going out the window, so did our cast/crew which was originally supposed to be around 7-8 people which went down to 3 total (4 if you include my grandma who I asked to help out). We had to work a little fast because we only had one day to shoot and were using natural sunlight for most of the scenes. All of the "props" were just random things from around my house and writing/editing was done on my macbook air using google docs and imovie.