Genre: action comedy

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Lance the freelancer knows he is good at his job and a lot of people seek him out for his services. He gets called on a job and him being who he is steps out of his boundaries.




We filmed over a period of 2 days.On day 1 we filmed the night exteriors on the streets of Nairobi central business district. We filmed in an alley which was well light by the street lights so we just added Two light sources while filming the close ups. We added haze with the help of a haze machine to enhance the atmosphere.On day 2 we filmed in various locations for the exterior and interior day scenes. We filmed on both the black magic micro cinema camera and the pocket cinema camera into a 5 inch black magic video assist.Each camera was used separately depending on the location.We recorded sound into the zoom h6 using the rode NTG 3 mic.
Film was edited in premiere pro over a period of 4 days and final grading was done in Davinci resolve.

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