My Rode Reel 2018 - Radioactive Thoughts

Nabeela Karim
Genre: drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:

Mini Boompole

More Information:

Some people are caged by their thoughts...for me, thinking is freedom.

Nabeela Karim

Nabeela Karim

Camera Operator

For this film I used a hand-held camera technique to create a feeling of uneasiness so that the viewer may experience the main character's emotions through his perspective. I used a Canon 80D to shoot this film, which I did myself, as both the directer and writer of this film so that i have complete control over the cinematic camera movements that I wanted to use in the film. The Rode NTG-4 was used to acquire the crisp sound effects that is prevalent in the film. This helps bring the story to more to life, as the viewer can feel almost as though they are right with the character and experiencing his rather absurd thoughts. Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects was used to edit the film.

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