D I S C O N N E C T | My Rode Reel 2018

Michal Kedzierski
Genre: documentary

RØDE Gear Used:


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A girl explains how our high usage of cellphones impacts our life in negative ways, and how we should spend more time outside and experience what life has to offer.

Michal Kedzierski

Michal Kedzierski

Camera Operator

Ola Kedzierska


I had no budget, I wanted to make this film using the things I already own. As for the location, I used a local park located close to my house, and my room. I used a Nikon D5300 DSLr, a NIKKOR 18-55mm and a 28-80mm lense. Some other things I used were a cheap monopod, the Rode Video Micro, and my phone to shoot the behind the scenes. It took: 1 Day to write the script, 2 weeks to film, and 2 days to edit. I put a lot of thought into creating this short film. I tried new angles I've never done before, and used my younger sister as the actor.