RENDEZVOUS - Short Film (My Rode Reel 2018)

Dylan Hoang
Genre: action drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


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A late night excursion following a crew of robbers and their getaway.

Dylan Hoang

Dylan Hoang

Director of Photography

William Holloway


Nathan Jimenez

Sound Recordist

Thomas Panushka

Sound Recordist

Miguel Leyva


Michael Choi

Sound Mixer

In order to create a sense of REAL tension and suspense, it was important that everything be captured on location, visuals and sound. Follow the crew as they create RENDEZVOUS, a three-minute, relentless thriller that begins AND ends with a robbery.

Since the film takes place at night and everything needed to be genuine, natural lighting was pivotal. Thus, the Sony a7s was the camera of choice and the RODE NTG2 was used to capture sound. Various recordings of foley were also pivotal, so the mic was secured in a RODE blimp and screwed onto a RODE boom pole. The mic was outside of vehicles to capture vehicular SFX and held inches above ground to capture various footsteps and dashing.

So maintain a consistent sense of danger, a majority of the film is shot from behind the characters. They are constantly running from something and are rarely ahead of the game.

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