Ubuntu- RODE REEL 2018

Andrew O'Brien
Genre: documentary

RØDE Gear Used:

VideoMic GO
DeadCat GO

More Information:

A documentary about the Zanewonga Outreach trip where a group of high school learners spend a week tutoring students at an underprivileged school in South Africa. The film is a 'fly on the wall' documenting the work done by the group of 30 people who traveled to Zanewonga. During the week the students taught maths, science and biology to name a few subjects. The school grounds were also cleaned and clothes and care packages containing sanitary items were distributed. Incredible bonds were formed and the initiative will continue for many years.

Andrew O'Brien

Andrew O'Brien

Camera Operator
Sound Recordist

Jess Holing

Director of Photography

Rose Mitchell

Camera Operator

Chris Simayi


Chris Breetzke

Lighting Grip

The film was shot at Zanewonga High School in the Eastern Cape. It is approximately 2 hours on dirt roads from the nearest large village and is very isolated. The video was shot over 8 days and then edited for approximately a week. There are no fancy edits because we wanted people to appreciate the visuals and the work of the project, thus more effort was devoted to colour grading. The film was shot on a Nikon d7200 and Gopro Hero 6. Due to a lack of budget some equipment was home made such as a stabilizing grip. The electricity supply is very intermittent and so that coupled with a battery failure of 2 of the 3 batteries due to a power surge during a lightning storm meant we lost a day of filming. The harsh conditions took their toll with 6 flat tires during the week and numerous damage to equipment. The sheer amount of dust also resulted in a degradation of quality during the week as it found its way into every part of the lenses and camera body. Filming was done in a 'fly on the wall' format and was as unobtrusive as possible as the week was primarily about educating fellow South Africans and not producing the video. The video will hopefully raise more awareness for the initiative and the work being done at Zanewonga. The first part of the film is from the perspective of one of the grade 10 learners at Zanewonga named Ayabonga Dloko. His monologue was recorded in isiXhosa and subtitles are provided.