Pizza Salad - Rode Reel Short Film

Ethan Hickey
Genre: comedy drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


More Information:

Three men are in a car on their way to get pizza. While one man goes to the washroom, the other two have a heated argument about whether it's okay to order a salad at a pizza place.

Ethan Hickey

Ethan Hickey

Sound Recordist

Ben Gillam

Director of Photography

Ava Raemisch

Behind the Scenes

Malik Hall-Hinds

Co-Lead Actor

Evan A. Schacht

Co-Lead Actor

Kiano Decloet-Mastrandrea


For the creation of the short film 'Pizza Salad', I used; 2 DSLR cameras, a Rode VideoMic, a Zoom H1, my girlfriend's dad's truck, my three friends as actors, my friend's brother as a cinematographer and my girlfriend as a videoagrapher for the behind the scenes. The filming took us about 3 hours, and we had a blast doing it. We used a singular location, which was an empty parking lot near my home. We originally were going to shoot the entire scene in a one take, to create an interesting technique. Sadly though, these actors are only my friends and don't have the skill to memorize 5 pages of dialogue. We instead chose two shots, one from each side of the car. This worked effectively, and the sound worked even better due to this.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: