My Rode Reel 2018 - " Delusion "

Genre: drama action

RØDE Gear Used:


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In the Western world, recent cases of gun violence have sparked heated debates about gun safety and personal freedom.
Drugs, in turn, are illegal in almost every country around the globe but still seem to constitute a never ending problem.
My movie “Delusion” aims to take a closer look at these two controversial issues and raise the question of what role guns play in our society.
Are they necessary to protect our own safety? Or do they rather put us and the people around us in danger?


Bong-kook JANG

Camera Operator
Sound Recordist

To shoot this movie I used the VIDEOMIC Rycote, an a7s, and the Atomos Ninja Inferno.
The script writing, filming, directing, lighting and production were all done by me and I count myself very fortunate to have friends who offered to contribute their talents and assist me in the filming process.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: