Slowly, But Surely

Ethan Hickey
Genre: drama
Mature Content

RØDE Gear Used:


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Slowly, But Surely is a short film about a young man who is struggling with a smoking addiction. Throughout the film we see the day in a life of this man, and what he does. As much as the man feels the pain of what the smoking is doing to him, the addiction is so powerful that almost nothing could break it. Watch this film and find out whether or not he can break the addiction of smoking once and for all.

Ethan Hickey

Ethan Hickey

Director of Photography

Isaiah McInnis


Ava Raemisch

Sound Recordist

Scott Nichols


Felipe Villaquiran


In the behind the scenes video you get to see the making of the short film, Slowly, But Surely. You get to; understand the development of the story, the struggle of money, the limited availability of equipment, the struggle of location permits, getting the right shots and filming with a DSLR. We used a Canon T6i for filming, the image turned out great. For such a low grade video camera, it did exactly what I wanted it to. We used a Rode VideoMic for all of the audio, connected to a Zoom H1 recorder. We used a Cameron photography tripod, and that's all the equipment used. We were declined a location permit to the hospital, so we had to re adjust the script to adapt to that change. We were given permission to use a local variety store. A colour grade technique was used to give a certain mood to the story.

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