Snowing In June - My RØDE Reel 2018

Genre: documentary

RØDE Gear Used:


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Snowing In June is a mini-documentary about the Eastern Cottonwood tree, the fuzzy seeds it produces each year, and its importance to the local ecosystem of the Presque Isle peninsula in Erie, PA.


Eric Dye


Snowing In June was filmed at Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania. The primary camera was a Nikon D750 using a Tamron 24-70mm G2 and Rokinon 14mm lens. The secondary camera was a Panasonic GX-85 with a kit 12-32mm lens. The RØDE VideoMic was used with a Beachtek DXA Micro Pro for a majority of the video production. The Beacktek was used as a preamp for the RØDE VideoMic to help work around the lackluster pre-amps in the Nikon D750 which tend to introduce noise.

Watch the Behind The Scenes: